Quinta do Lagar Novo

It is a small agricultural property, with a history of grape and wine production, developed in more than 200 harvests. It has around 5 ha of vineyards, installed using the best and most recent viticultural techniques, under the guidance of owner Luís Elias Gonçalves de Carvalho. Quinta do Lagar Novo wine production was born with the Carvalho family's desire to pay homage to their ancestors and make high quality wines here. At the turn of the millennium, Luís Carvalho reunites his family and announces that he wants to reconvert the total vineyard area into varieties with greater qualitative suitability. Based on his knowledge and records, he opted for white grape varieties. Enology was in charge of his eldest son Tiago. Viticulture was handed over to his son João. Design by daughter Helena.

"We want the ecological goodness of our farm to express the terroir in the wines we produce ."

2 products found in Quinta do Lagar Novo

Viognier Reserva 2020
  • 165,00 kr
Chardonnay Reserva 2022
  • 165,00 kr